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Success Stories

These are just some of our success stories, but call us today, so you can be your own success story.


Let the healing begin today!

Recent Stories....

It has been rewarding and enjoyable utilizing your chiropractic services for the past 6 months. At the onset, three weekly visits were somewhat "annoying," but your office continued to assure me the results will come in time. After bi-weekly, then weekly visits, I am at the point that "maintenance" visits are appropriate. All according to your three phase plan.

It has been gratifying to see and feel the results of your programs and to have my back "normal" again. Thank you for your patience and support in this recovery journey. Having visited other chiropractic offices in the past I was not optimistic of positive results, however, your programs work!

Our best to you and your family,

Ed Lang
Project Engineer
June 5, 2009

During the Thanksgiving weekend of 2008, I was on my way back into town and stopped at the neighborhood Walgreen's for something to relieve the pain I was in from head to toe. When I walked in Dr. Nathalie Blum from Generation Chiropractic was there going screenings. After the screening I was scheduled for an appointment that very week.

My initial evaluation and workup showed that I had multiple issues which needed correction. After the first few treatments, I began to feel significantly better and could actually turn my neck from side-to-side and I could sleep at night without being in constant pain. During the next several weeks I continued to improve and was doing all of my prescribed exercises on a regular basis.

In January 2009, I began to have a lot of issues with one of my knees and Drs. Nathalie and David Blum diagnosed what was wrong with me, even before the MRI. They were there for me during this long weekend when I was unable to walk on this knee. They arranged for the MRI as well as the subsequent referral to a physical therapist for additional treatments. I also have osteoarthritis in my wrist and elbow which were treated with adjustments and have showed significant improvements.

At the completion of my corrective health program, I had much more mobility in my spine. The constant pain I had been in was almost non-existent and I'm happy to say my knee is much better.

Pam Pistulka
Registered Nurse
June 17, 2009